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[titlearea align=”left” title=”Process…” titlelast=”” subtitle=”As craftspeople rather than process people, we adapt our processes to individual projects, not the other way round. We’re a bespoke operation, a creative agency in Indonesia, not a production line. In many ways, we believe a good process should be neither seen or heard. At the same time, we work to a proven methodology.” titlecolor=”#191919″ titlelastcolor=”” seperatorcolor=””]

  • We Listen, this stage is all about putting the fundamentals in place. It involves exploratory discussions to establish the project’s framework and intelligent questioning to clarify the objectives.
  • We Think, the thinking stage gives our creativity a sense of direction. We examine the competitive landscape, research the target audience and investigate potential avenues for innovation.
  • We Create, this stage is the least process-driven. Within the boundaries of our earlier listening and thinking, we give free rein to our creativity. Following few rules, we make, build, shape and craft.
  • We Manage, the discipline of deadlines and budgets makes sure our creativity fulfills its purpose. With their feet on the ground, our project managers stay in touch with our clients and reality.

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